#YesShecan x the wow network

A big welcome to the wow network

The WOW network is the only network in the UK which is dedicated to supporting LGBT women in coming out at work. It is entirely run by LBGT women, to make it a safe space for this group.

With this merging of women-led organisations, we will continue to support, encourage, guide and connect with LGBT women in the workplace. All the original blogs, videos and resources from the previous website can still be accessed below.

Lisa Charlwood-Green, who is the Founder and Director of The WOW Network, will carry on with her dedicated and hard work with blogs, mentoring and creating change for LGBT women. The WOW Network Facebook Group will continue as normal.

“I hope you will join us over at Yes She Can and become a part of the community there. I am proud to be joining them, and even prouder for putting my mental health and family first.”

You can read Lisa’s statement about the merge here.


The WOW Network has shared many amazing and inspiring blogs from guests, members of the network, LGBT Role Models and personal reflections from founder, Lisa.  

You can continue to read all of the original blogs from the previous below as well as #YesSheCan blogs.


The WOW Network has interviewed many great Role Models including Trans Activist Jacqui Gavin and Trans Ambassador Katie Neeves. As well as interviews, Lisa creates videos for LGBT women full of helpful resources and shares personal experiences. 

You can watch all of these from the previous website by clicking below.

X3P Project

X3P is The WOW Network’s Preferred Pronouns Project. We believe that everyone should state their preferred pronoun on their email signature, to show that they are LGBTQI friendly, to stop gender assumptions beong made, and to open up the conversation about preferred pronouns.

You can still find support and download resources by clicking below.

Share Your Story!

This is your chance to tell us about an experience of yours which relates to The WOW Network or #YesSheCan – whether it’s about coming out at work, your experience attending a Pride event or giving advice to other members of the community.

We’re really interested in sharing and hearing about what experiences you have had in the workplace, both positive and challenging. Please use the contact form linked below and reference ‘The WOW Network story’ in your message.

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