A Change is as good as a Protest 

In this blog post I explain why a change of pace doesn’t mean a change of direction. 

Originally published 20/12/2021 

New year, new you, adverts always proclaim. Traditionally January has always been a time to look to make changes and start afresh. And for The WOW Network it is no different. 

Many of you will know that I, like many others, have struggled with my mental health over the years. I have also taken on the challenge of a new role at work, and continued my volunteering on the boards of two great charities, Outspoken Arts and LEAP Sports. Added to this I have increased my mentoring, as well as speaking at a variety of events and of course, running The WOW Network. My commitment to the community and LGBTQ+ women has never wavered, and it still does not. But I have another important commitment – to my family, and crucially to my children who, given they both have additional needs, require more time and support then neuro-typical children may. 

My first step away was to leave LEAP Sports – they are a fantastic charity, committed to making sport inclusive and accessible for all members of the LGBTQ+ community – their mission did – and still does – resonate with me. Their board is a great one who continue to flourish. 

My next step is this one – to merge The WOW network into a brilliant organisation for all women – #YesSheCan – headed up by the formidable Sophie Turner. 

I met Sophie at a virtual conference we both spoke at around 9 months ago and I was struck at how similar our values, missions and direction of travel were. Sophie, along with the rest of the #YesSheCan team, works brilliantly to raise women up in business, to equip them with the tools and techniques to succeed, empowering them to be the best versions of themselves. They have a strong network of mentors, and firmly believe that there is a role model for everyone. 

When I realised that my load, both mental and physical, was becoming untenable, I reached out to Sophie with an idea – was there a way we could join forces, have my community and network join hers and benefit from all that #YesSheCan? Sophie was thankfully delighted and so I am proud to say that WOW’s journey will continue, but under the umbrella of #YesSheCan. I will contribute blogs, interviews and mentoring, just as I have always done, but with a team of women working together across all intersectionalities of womenhood. My role will be one to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ women, to protest at inequality and to fight for more. 

I hope you will join us over at #YesSheCan and become a part of the community there. I am proud to be joining them, and even prouder for putting my mental health and family first – it’s not something that comes easy to me so I hope you will continue to support me and the work I do. 

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2022! 

This blog was originally posted on The WOW Network.
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