Abby Rashman: The Girl in the Red Dress

In the past, we’ve featured women for a variety of reasons, whether it be because of their career, what they’ve done for charity or how they are inspiring the next generation.


We chose to feature Abby for a number of reasons. First and foremost, she is a hardworking woman excelling in her career, something we love at #YesSheCan. Another reason we were keen to feature Abby is due to how a simple post about her celebrating a promotion, went viral for all the wrong reasons… In just a couple of weeks, Abby’s post received over 1,500 comments, many of which were criticising her for nothing more than her choice of outfit in the photo. Despite this, Abby not shied away from the comments, she is instead using it to spread a message of positivity, as she goes into in her blog.


Abby’s career

I have just been promoted to sales and marketing manager of a cocktail bar. I started off in the company nearly 2 years ago as a marketing and reservation executive for Manchester and Leeds. At this point, Dirty Martini had only 8 bars in London and 1 in Cardiff so they decide to launch in the north of England and open a bar in Manchester and Leeds. In which I got hired for. After 1 year I then got promoted to PR & Marketing Co-ordinate and I was relocated to the Leeds venue. I then got asked to interview for the Manager role, which I was successful with and I meant I relocated back to the Manchester venue.


Before this role, I had always worked as a photographer or in Sales. However, I really wanted to get into Marketing, but I did not have a lot of background in this area. Despite this due to my creativity and my previous roles, Dirty Martini gave me a chance and taught me everything I needed to know.


Lessons I’ve learned through my career

Hard work takes time and determination. Never give up hope as you never know what is around the corner. I look back at my life and I feel it’s a story I could of never foresee. In terms of where my job path has taken me in the best possible way.


My dad always used to say something that resonates with me: treat your workplace as Disney Land, leave your troubles at the door and for those 8 hours enjoy the ride and keep positive.


Working in a male-heavy industry

I work alongside a very male-heavy bar management department from day to day. Due to our customer demographic being more females and as my self being the target demographic of the bar and my friends, it’s great to have that inside knowledge and it helps to keep up with my clientele and guests. I feel I can relate to their needs and understand what they expect on a night out.


Responding to the Linkedin backlash

I just wanted to write up on recent events regarding my LinkedIn post that has gained a lot of unexpected attention of over 3 and a half million views and over 1000 comments and 18,000 likes which was quite a difference from my usual couple hundred views.


The focus of the comments had been placed on my choice of clothing in the picture. Now the reason I picked the photograph that became the main subject was that it is personally filled with wonderful memories of one of the proudest moments of my career. I had placed thought and consideration into the picture I chose because of what it meant to me.


While we generally look at a picture and see only the presented image, there is always a story behind them. With modern-day social media platforms, it is now too easy to lose the value of a picture and the story behind it for why it was taken.


After reading the negative comments all I could think about was how people should be so careful with their words and the impact they can have. In a time where women are still looking for full acceptance and definition in the workplace, this is when we need to support each other.


Also, some people commented on the use of why I used LinkedIn regarding my post? How someone can tell someone else what business is suitable for a platform that is literally designed to generate more business and create stronger networks in any field isn’t right.

LinkedIn has evolved beyond its original corporate users and it positively accepts all industries. The evolution of social media means we need to have more support from other users against negative comments as well as the celebration of each other’s achievements, which in LinkedIn’s case is with our careers.


There is something positive to be taken and learnt from in any moment or event in life.

What I have found and hope to share from this is that we must support each other. Women supporting women. Having each other’s backs and doing what we can to raise each other up.


What did you think of Abby’s response to her critics? How do you think you would handle her situation? Someone else who received a lot of criticism is Lia Hatzakis, a social media influencer who has received abuse from haters and trolls online.

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