Baroness Sue Campbell – “There is no barrier that cannot be overcome”

Baroness Sue Campbell is a former PE teacher and the current Director of Women’s Football at the Football Association. She has paved the way for women’s participation in sport and is also named as one of the most influential women in sport receiving both a MBE in 1991 and a CBE in 2013. We talk to her about her career and the barriers that she has faced.

At an early age, sport had played an important role in her life so the sports industry felt a natural route to explore as a career, leading her to follow a path into physical education.

Despite her vital role, The Baroness starts her mornings pretty much like the rest of us, an early morning walk with her dogs, breakfast then emails, this sets her up for a busy day in the office.


So how does the Baroness feel about barriers and limitations in the workplace?

“There is no barrier that cannot be overcome with persistence, resilience and determination. We need each girl to understand and celebrate diversity to break down barriers within the workplace, and that is why #YesSheCan is so important! I want to see all women achieve their potential and career goals no matter the tough times they may face. If I could go back and speak with my 16-year-old self I would tell her that it’s important to always have a strong moral purpose and remember to do what is right and not what is popular or expedient.”

Her current role as a Women’s FA Director is counted as one of her life’s proudest moments, but the journey to getting that role wasn’t without its challenges, one of her key motivators is being able to make a difference while helping people grow and develop. “I hope I can help other women realise that anything is possible”.


In regards to getting into her current role, she states that commitment, hard work, and a passion for what you do are all influencing factors in what it means to succeed within any industry.


“To continue being an inspiring leader, you have to get to know and care for the people you are hoping to lead, not as workers but as people, this is where communication becomes such an important factor as it’s important that everyone involved feels like a part of a bigger mission.”


The Baroness is inspired by young people herself and her advice to women is to be authentic, never stop learning and always surround yourself with good people who compliment your strengths!


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