Bex Caplehorn – “You’ll never stop learning even when you think you’ve got things sussed!”

Rebecca Caplehorn graduated from Loughborough University with a joint honours degree in physical education, sports science and mathematics. She subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant via the NHS Graduate Management Scheme and has worked in senior finance roles within both tennis and football. Rebecca joined the Tottenham directors board in March 2015, after spending over five years at Queens Park Rangers FC. Read more to see how she answered our questions.


Tell us a bit about your current role 

It’s full on, crazy, frustrating, exciting and rewarding!

Why did you choose the industry that you are in? 

Because I’m passionate about sport and didn’t want to spend my life just sitting behind a desk 9-5.


What was your first job?

A Personal Trainer


What are your proudest achievements?

Being successful in a male-dominated environment by staying true to myself.


What’s great about being a female in your role?

I’m the only woman in the country in this role and I bring something different to it than what a man would.


What barriers have you faced in your career?

People underestimating what I’m capable of.


What motivated you to keep going?

Self-belief and knowing that if I get a chance I’ll make the most of it.

Why is #YesSheCan important to you?

Because there’s no reason why women can’t be as successful in the workplace as men.


What are your key motivators?

Always wanting to grow and never feeling like I can’t do something.


What would you say to your 16-year-old self?

You’ll never stop learning, even when you think you’ve got things sussed.


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