Role Models

One of #YesSheCan’s mantras is “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it”. We have some amazingly talented and successful women featured on #YesSheCan but we recognise we aren’t representative enough.

We have taken the decision to showcase Women (and men) of Colour separately to give even more prominence to these stories.

We have experienced various amounts of privilege and after reading, listening and learning we recognise that we need to actively give a platform so that EVERYONE feels included and inspired.

Rupinder Bains

Zoe Bennett

Candice Lee

Stacey Green


Ashleigh Evans

Jade Ashleigh

Nisha Panchal

Patricia Campbell

Manjeeta Patak

Fiona Duncan-Steer

Rania Turner-Ramadan

Photo taken from The FA

Paul Elliott

Dr Cheryl Kam

Rupa Patel

Simone Codrington

Alice Choi

Jasmeen Armani

Lipi Jain

Viv YaU

Reina Reeves

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