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We have many associate coaches who are ready to be paired with you to support you on your career journey.

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Neuro Linguistics Practitioners (NLP)

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, uses the power of language to break down barriers we have created for ourselves. NLP teaches us to change the way we perceive the world and adapt our behaviours to achieve our goals.

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ILM stands for The Institute of Leadership & Management, this is a widely recognized coaching qualification which ensures coaches are proficient to help you develop your leadership skills and support your career development.

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Businesses coaches focus specifically help you reach your business goals. They will work with you to determine your vision and set goals with the aim of achieving  that vision.

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Life coaching can help with virtually any aspect of someone’s life, whether it is in their personal or professional life. Life coaching is a form of counselling that helps you achieve your ambition and solve problems.

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Our Coaches

  • Gemma

    Career and Business Coach, who works with businesses and individuals to create long term vision through an actionable and thought provoking collaboration
  • Naomi

    Coach focussing on empowering women to rediscover passion for their work and design a successful career that makes them proud. EMCC EIA practitioner level accreditation
  • Vicky

    Mindset Coach for Women in business
  • Gail

    Coach & Mentor
  • Nicola

    Mentor & Coach who specialises in creating a culture of growth and continuous improvement
  • Serena

    Mentor & Coach who specialises in empowering women to live their best life and fulfil their passions through work or business
  • Emma

    Coach & Mentor focussing on first time Leaders/Managers and those working with HR/Talent
  • Clare

    Mindset and Leadership Coach who’s passion and purpose is to support people to reach their full potential, avoid burn-out and increase their impact in the world.  CTI Co-Active Coach
  • Gill

    Coach & Mentor
  • Louise

    Louise is an energy and emotion expert and specialises in working with women who have found it difficult to express their emotions

  • SAM

    Coach with expertise in supporting adult women with Autism in the workplace


Many of our contributors want to give back to the next generation of business leaders.
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