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This #YesSheCan blog is from Dr Cheryl Kam- she talks us about her career journey and personal growth and her passion for empowering all women within the field of healthcare.

I help busy mums unlock and sustain unrivalled energy, focus and calm through functional medicine and transformational habits.

While my role was as a hospital doctor then a family physician, medical school was only the beginning.  My interests also lay in anthropology, spirituality and psychology.

I wanted to know more about how people ticked, what made them sick and what made them healthy.


Why does a person not get well, even though they have had the best that medicine and functional medicine could offer?
I decided to pursue my interest in human development, and decide to use my skills to walk a closer recovery journey with them as their coach and friend.
Working this way, I began to see incredible changes in people, and every client would get to experience the transformation they came for.
My mission is to transform the world, through awakening the woman.  This stems from the belief that women are the heart of the family, yet amazing action takers.  When you empower the woman, many things in the family dynamic change for the better, and what’s not to love about building more compassionate future leaders?
Moreover, women have multiple footprints in the home, as well as in the workplace and have a real potential to impact their community in powerful ways!
Unfortunately, current systems of work don’t seem to uniformly appreciate the woman’s natural gifts and tendencies.  It even serves to penalise a woman’s fertility by the poor provision of work from home and part time working arrangements, along with varying degrees of lack in maternity pay and leave.
I built my business around the fact that I was a mother, and wanted to make it work both contributing to the world with my skills and talents, earning a measurable income for the family, while being a present and well-rested mother and role model to my children.  I am very blessed to have had the idea, and resources to be able to pull a team together to help me achieve this.
I help other healthcare professionals show up in their leadership roles with the rest of their lives flourishing too.
I now consult completely virtually, organising lab testing and dispense nutrients to my clients from my bedroom.  I create unique programs to help others improve their lives and achieve the vibrancy they have been lacking for years!
I had a few challenges that created twists and turns in my life, which ultimately led me to where I am now, in a place of wisdom and understanding that it was really God’s hand in paving the way.
Having myself gone through depression, anxiety, burnout, hormone dysbalances were exactly the reasons why I do what I do, and the personal experience helps me to truly empathise with those that seek my help.  It inspires them and gives them hope that if I did it, they can too.
My drive and determination to succeed came from both an innate belief in myself and abilities, but also included the element of fear and rising to my parent’s expectations of me.
This lead to a lot of uncertainty of my path and role even as a qualified doctor.  Thankfully, I found my way, and have made it my life’s work to help my clients find theirs too, in a world where outside voices tend to dictate a lot more than our inner voice.
My mantra is to be bold, be free, be truthful. 
Self care is a true expression of how much you really love people.   The better we are at loving ourselves, the better we will be at loving others.
The other aspect of my business is that I check my conscience on the daily as this affects my energy.  I choose to put people first before profits, and this not only gives me great satisfaction, it paradoxically drives profits.
While I’m not doing coaching calls or working on my online business, I spend time with my 3 and 1 year old, and most of the time manage to organise my work to enable myself to be a present parent.
There is nothing more rewarding than to be intimately involved with their development, and being able to respond to their emotional and physical needs in a proactive manner.

Music and movement is life.  I love an eclectic range of music from drum n bass, post-rock and classical, and I plan to return to playing football with my group of ladies, after having rested enough after birthing my baby!

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