Emma Martin – Don’t let anyone make you think you are “less than!”

We’re pleased to bring you a piece by Emma Martin, the Founder of Emma Martin Interiors. Emma has changed careers to follow her dreams, it hasn’t always been easy. Emma tells us the adversity she has had to overcome to achieve!


Hello there, I am Emma Martin, I am an interior designer and I run Emma Martin Interiors. I work on residential and commercial projects and my main focus is helping clients by creating better spaces that work for them. This is mainly achieved by how my clients currently feel in their space and helping them change it so that they can feel positive about it.


In terms of my day  job, no two days are the same and that’s the magic of it!. A typical day can be anything from client visits, project planning, supplier visits; and site visits.

What I love about my career is that I am my own boss, I make my own decisions and I hold myself accountable. I also get to build great relationships with my clients, it’s about trust after all!


Before embarking on a career in interior design, I had been working in Human Resources for around ten years and I thought I had my career plan all mapped out. How wrong could I have been!

A few years before quitting the HR industry I went on an interior design evening course and noticed that the course was actually the highlight of my day after working long hours in HR. I loved it so much I then completed a certified course which meant that I could start a professional career in interior design 

I was debating whether to leave HR and become a professional interior designer for around a year before a friend challenged me to do it.


Well that was all it took! Off I went to become an interior designer not having the foggiest idea where to begin running a business. From being a permanent employee on a good salary to, well, being on my own and with no income was really scary. Initially everyone wanted to give me their (unsolicited) opinion on what I should do. I decided not to listen to them and only seek professional unbiased advice as this would be the only thing that would help me achieve my goals.


When I was a teenager growing up in Spain I was painfully shy and because of that I missed out on social interactions and activities and my grades suffered as I was unable to speak up in class. When I got to university it got worse and I got to the point where I had had enough of it and decided to fight it. I became determined and signed up for anything that required volunteers, I became class spokesperson at University; and every time I achieved something my confidence grew.


My message to all women out there is that we are all people, we all have our worth and we can all achieve whatever we want. A lot of times women give up because society is constantly telling them what they can and can’t do because of their gender.


So plough ahead and don’t let anyone make you think you are “less than!”.


My answer to people who say: “you can’t do that” is “watch me!”. 


If I ever find myself struggling I’ll remember what my mother says: “ask for help, the worst they can do is say “no”




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