#yesshecan skills development

2nd DECEMBER 2021

Leicester Novotel

9am – 5pm


We will be running 4 workshops throughout the event.

Agenda and guest speakers to be confirmed.

Being Assertive

The “assertiveness penalty” can impact our careers. In order to progress many women need to show leadership traits, of which many are stereotypically masculine. We need to be assertive to progress yet get judged differently to men when we display assertive behaviours.

Our workshop will explain the “assertiveness penalty” but more importantly give you the tools to overcome it.

Leveraging Your Network

Networking is proven to help when looking at career development and progression.

Our expert coach will show you how to leverage your internal & external networks so you can maximise your career opportunities.

Leading Authentically

Everyone is a leader to someone.

This workshop will focus on your values, your behaviours and your instincts to give you the confidence to lead to your full potential and lead authentically.

12 Steps to Wellness

When we think about wellbeing we often jump straight to diet and exercise, however there are so many factors that impact our overall levels of wellness.

We will take you through the 12 areas necessary for a holistically healthy life.

About the event

This event is aimed at anybody who wants to progress in their career- no matter your age, role, level or industry.

What you get for your £300* ticket price:

– 4 Workshops led by successful business women.

-Networking throughout the day.

-1 Keynote speaker Q&A

-Tea, coffee and lunch!

-COVID safe environment

The day will be roughly 9-5 with networking interweaved with our Skills workshops. We will then end on a high with a keynote speaker Q&A.

*20% VAT is included in the ticket price

We can raise an invoice for you if you email us at believe@yes-shecan.com or you can sign up right now by clicking above and we’ll send you a link!


We believe that feedback is the best barometer of a successful event, here we have a few comments from the amazing women who attended our previous Skills Day……

“Lots of practical skills I can apply to help with my personal & professional development”

“Thank you for providing a unique environment to learn from industry peers & inspiring leaders”

“Fabulous day! Absolutely loved it!”

“I feel much more confident and engerised”

“Great day, time very much well spent with like minded women”

“Superb day. A great opportunity to network and learn”

“It was amazing to spend the day with a group of inspiring, positive women all supporting each other”

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