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Leicester Novotel
27th may 2021

About the event

Are you just starting out in your career? 

Feeling lost and lacking confidence? 

Maybe you’ve recently changed sector and need some new skills to develop your career or just have a desire to progress? 

This event is aimed at anybody who wants to progress in their career- no matter your age, role, level or industry. 

We will be running a day of workshops to increase your confidence and develop your transferable skills to take you to the next level in your career whether that be this year or in the next 10 years.

What you get for your £250 ticket price:

-4 workshops led by successful business women.

-Networking throughout the day.

-Keynote Q&A

-Tea, coffee and lunch!

-COVID safe environment

The workshop will be roughly 9-5 with 2 workshops in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and networking through the breaks and lunch. We will then end on a high with the panel discussion.

We can raise an invoice for you if you email us at or you can sign up through the “Sign Up” box!


We will be running 4 workshops throughout the event, the 4 key topics that we will cover will be:


Being resilient in the workplace is important for success and progression. The key to resilience is to reduce the power negativity has over us. We’ll give you tips and strategies to help you do this.


We’ll help you understand your energy in these conversations and give you strategies to help when engaging in difficult conversations.

Goal setting

Find your purpose and confidence. Get tools to set goals that are achievable, relevant and will give you more clarity both at work and at home.

Personal Branding

Understanding the importance of your professional reputation, develop your brand whilst still being your authentic self.

Developing a high performance culture

Aimed at Senior Leaders, Aspiring and Current Directors this event is run in conjunction with i2iHQ.

Focusing on your inner self, breaking down perceptions and self imposed barriers delegates are given a Tool Kit for both work and life.

The course looks at the systems behind Developing a High Performance Culture and behaviours needed to ensure success. Delegates are encouraged to carry out self reflection to understand their behaviours, values and identity and their impact on others. Not only does this support success in achieving team goals but also it encourages a long term view of personal development.

Surrounded by like minded individuals it was the perfect environment for learning and sharing experiences

Networking events

Come and meet like-minded, and sometimes not so like-minded!, career women. Build an invaluable network that will last the duration of your career. Our evening networking sessions are relaxed and informal but always with a specific focus and speaker joining us to share their thoughts and experiences.

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