Fighting back: How two women are standing up to cancer

Black and Green is a story of a community fundraiser with a heartfelt beginning. Debs Sawyer and Lucy Spencer have both know people who have suffered from, giving them the desire to help others. Read about how they’re making a change to the women around them in our latest blog.

From tragedy comes hope

#YesSheCan focusses on women in the workplace, but often our career decisions and working life is defined by what happens at home. Everyday, in different ways we juggle work with the school run, the gym, seeing friends and family, eating and sleeping. But sometimes, we take on more than that, sometimes we push ourselves for reasons beyond our control. And sometimes it turns out to be one of the most rewarding things we can do.

Debs Sawyer and Lucy Spencer did just that, they essentially took on a second job driven by pain, anger and heartbreak caused by cancer, but through the hard work, long nights, sweat and tears they have created an incredible, community focussed fundraiser dedicated to helping women fight breast cancer.


Black & Green is still in its infancy and already they have contributed significantly to the purchase of a state of the art digital mammography machine. Thousands of women have already benefited from this new machine. They capped off a phenomenal first year by winning the “Community Champions 2018” award given by Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, one of the biggest Trusts in the UK.


So how did two working mums combine to create Black & Green?

Debs says “I lost my best friend, Sam Black to cancer, she didn’t win her fight. I’ve known her all my life, she lived with me and my family for a while after her Mum passed away from breast cancer. She was such a beautiful person, and fought so hard with grace, determination and good humour which was Sam all round. I always wanted to do something in her name, we all did, it’s the least she deserved.”


Lucy’s story is more hopeful, her sister Eloise Dobson (nee Green) was diagnosed with breast cancer and won her fight. “We wanted to do something to help have more outcomes like Eloise instead of Sam. The fear of losing my sister was so real and horrendous. We know how fortunate we are that Eloise is now cancer-free. Just thinking about what Sam’s family and close friends were going through was enough for us to put our heads together and come up with Green & Black in honour of those we have lost but also to look forwards with hope for those who have won their battles.”


“We’re proud of what we do. Our local community rally round and support which is incredible. This year the aim is to have the High Street decked out in Black and Green!

It’s hard at times, balancing everything but when you’re tired, trying to keep the plates spinning at home, work and with Black & Green we just think about Sam and Eloise and it drives us on.”

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