#YesSheCan Looks To Future Voices

In this #YesSheCan, we show the results of our recent survey completed by some of the voices of the future.
The survey delved into the minds of university students and displayed their own perspectives surrounding women’s rights, empowerment and careers.
The survey is an exploration of female empowerment among young adults. The students that have taken part have been given the opportunity to think and voice how they want to see and create a change in gender inequality, particularly in a work environment.
As second and third-year students, all of them are beginning to contemplate their own personal future career goals. By taking part in our short survey, they are sharing their visions for the future and how they would hope to be treated in a professional atmosphere.

Who took part?

The survey was completed by a group of university students from a variety of different universities including The University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, University of Sheffield, Cardiff University, Royal Holloway and the International Business School Paris.
In regard to gender participation, 50.1% of the students were male and 49.9% were female which created a balanced investigation of empowerment.


The purpose of this survey was to display how the future voices have chosen not to adopt the stereotypes of the past but instead have developed a modern approach with equal opportunities for each gender.
Each student we surveyed demonstrated equality in their responses and evidently understood that gender does not limit an individual’s success and even go above and beyond to encourage.
Overall, we think the results we received were hugely encouraging and positive! We want to show that future voices know that a woman’s identity, ability and efforts in the workplace are just as important as a man’s or anyone else – we should not let gender be the first thing we see when introduced to new colleagues.


“Which course did you study?”

  • Sociology and criminology
  • General engineering
  • Maths and economics
  • Media Communications
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Fashion marketing and branding
  • Business management and Economics
  • Politics

“What do you think is the most significant barrier to female empowerment?”

“Outdated views and lack of support from other females”
“Societal pressures over time which suggest that men should be the provider’s.”
“Their own confidence in themselves to achieve what men can”
“Belief that someone can’t do something because they aren’t encouraged or supported”
“Gender pay gap and that men are favoured for getting employed.”

“How do you empower yourself and others around you?”

“I empower myself by trying to be better each day, I empower others by trying to make them feel more than what they see themselves.”
“Recognising that your gender has nothing to do with your capabilities!”

What are some ways that men can be good allies?” 

“By stamping out old stigmas and stereotypes and not following them blindly.”
“Clearly supporting and embracing women not only privately but also publicly.”
“By treating women how they would treat men without toxic lad culture elements or stereotyping.”
“Make sure the women around you know you support them.”
We hope you enjoyed reading the results of our student survey on gender equality and female empowerment as much as we loved gathering them!
It’s inspiring to read the opinions and thoughts of the future generation on important topics that we at #YesSheCan are so passionate about.
Things are changing and they will continue to as we all take positive action and begin to listen and understand each other. We will break that glass ceiling!
A big thanks to Hannah Wyld, our student placement, for leading and conducting this survey.

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