Kate Tinsley – It’s about women helping each other

I really believe that #YesSheCan can be so powerful, fundamentally because it’s about women helping each other.


We have an opportunity to create something really special that allows women to seek guidance and inspiration from the stories of others. In some cases, it may be that others have fought the same battles and had the same knock-backs.

We can use the power of real life stories and successes to help women generate that self belief to go after something they really want.


#YesSheCan is about giving back for me, if I can help one person in a small way then my contribution has been a success. The more we help each other the quicker we will play on the same field.


What has been absolutely overwhelming with regards to being involved with #YesSheCan, is the sheer volume of people wanting to get involved in the venture. From women dedicating their free time to complete bios to people contacting us asking how to get involved – it’s really been staggering. That to me speaks volumes; the time has properly arrived for women to support each other and push our gender forwards. Let’s do this!


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