Laura Hunter: Let your work do the talking

For the last two years, Laura Hunter has been Deputy Manager at Selco Builders Warehouse’s Basildon branch.


It is her latest step up the managerial ladder as her career continues to go from strength to strength.


Having started off at Pizza Hut, where she became duty manager, Laura had a brief spell with Morrisons before moving on to work at Halfords, ultimately as a deputy manager.


During her time at Halfords and Selco, Laura has worked in traditionally male-dominated industries but has continued to flourish.


She said: “I absolutely believe I’ve got to the position I am in now through hard work. I’ve always been proud of my work ethic, honesty, integrity and not taking no for an answer.


“It’s been hard but I kept knocking at those doors until someone answered. Sometimes taking a step back and starting from the bottom to learn helps you to progress faster and more successfully.


“I’m in a role now where I’m completely trusted in my ability and that makes me hungry to carry on a route to success. I’ve got ambition and want to get on and I can’t do that without the support of my team.”


Laura revealed her branch team at Selco Basildon inspire her to continue progressing up the management ladder.


She added: “I’m lucky that my colleagues have a respect for my role and how I got here.


“Sometimes just a run-down of previous experience helps people to understand that you have worked hard to sit in the position you do. My team know my background, where I have come from and where I want to go.


“It can be hard as a female to work in a construction-based environment, whether that be on site or selling product, but it’s been brilliant at Selco.


“I love the environment, the banter, the challenge.


“I work with a great team and I think it’s really important to focus on the individuals and not just the numbers we need to achieve, work with them and support them in a personal and business capacity.”


Laura admits she revels in seeing members of her team succeed as much as celebrating her own personal triumphs.


“I’m lucky that I am in a position where I have a hand in team members progressing within the company and it keeps me focused,” she added.


“As females, we do have a different perspective at times which can really help when it comes to managing people. I’m proud of my team, it makes me want to carry on achieving and building relationships. I want to be able to watch a member of my team grow in their career.”


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