Leadership Development Programme

We want to support you as you advance to become a leader in your career and organisation through our Leadership Development programmes.

Our Leadership Development programmes focus on a range of leadership and management content to support you and your team if you are part of an organisation or business. We believe anyone can be a leader, you just need that extra push to develop your skills and achieve your career goals. 

Whether you want to build your confidence, develop your transferrable or expertise skills or help your employees boost their productivity and mindset – we’ve got you

How do we help you develop as a leader?

There can be many reasons why organisations, businesses and individuals decide to learn about and implement leadership development programmes. Whatever the reason is, we will listen to you and support you to develop your current skills so you can become the leader you want to be. 

Recognise Positive Culture Change

Increased Productivity for you & your team

Building your skills and processes

Increasing your awareness inside and out

Improve how and when you communicate

Shaping your leadership style

Who do we help?

From the individual to small or big businesses, we can support you develop your skills and mindset to become authentic leaders.


Whether you have a couple years of experience or 10, we want to lead you to become the leader you want to be in your career. That might mean aiming for a promotion or climbing to a more senior role – our programmes contain everything you need to grow your skills.

We also have a membership for career and personal development and coaching packages for anyone who wants that extra support and guidance.

Established Leaders

Even if you are already a seasoned manager, CEO or business owner, we understand it’s important to refresh your skills and processes from time to time – or even learn something new! 

We deliver workshops and talks on targeted areas of leadership such as developing your leadership style and management techniques that will help you grow your skills.

Teams & Departments

We know there’s a leader in everyone and it doesn’t need to just be one person. We understand that within your team or department, everyone should be able to develop their leadership skills and use them regularly in their career. 

We can facilitate group sessions for your team which can help them bond as a team and also guide them to uplift each other and lead together.

Aspiring Leaders

If you are an aspiring leader or want to develop your skills to move up the ladder, our leadership programme is for you. It provides you with all of the techniques and skills that you’ll need to succeed in your leadership role – from decision making, effective communication and figuring out your leadership style.

Our workshops are designed to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals and become a leader in your career! 

The Leadership programme

With our off-the-shelf or tailored leadership programmes, we will help you learn how to become a leader, whether you want to accomplish your business goals, build your confidence, establish your leadership style or just want to refresh your skills.

We won’t simply give you the information and tell you what to do – we will use real-life examples and situations based on your current circumstances so you can develop authentic processes and skills. 

Take a look at the popular and successful workshops we regularly deliver for our leadership programmes –

– Diversity and Inclusion

– Goal Setting

– Understanding Others

– What Is Bias?

– Your Leadership Style

– Positive Mindset

– Leading Authentically

– Communicating Effectively

– Managing Conflict

– Decision Making

– Resilience

– Management Techniques

– Personal Branding

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous reasons why organisations decide to implement leadership development programmes, as they can greatly benefit their organisation. Here are a few examples of how it might help your company:

Increase productivity by providing staff with the opportunity to reach new heights and achieve established goals through leadership training.

Enhance employees’ managerial abilities and skills. Leadership programmes should ideally teach employees new tactics that will improve their performance and, as a result, the business’s performance.

Improve work culture, investing in a leadership development program shows your employees that you value them and encourages them to accomplish and surpass performance goals.

Are you aspired to be a leader and develop in your career? If this is the case, having the skills taught in a leadership programme can help you become the best and most efficient leader you can be. You will learn how to accomplish a range of things as a leader, from authentically leading to managing conflict and much more. Even if you don’t want to be a leader, all of these skills are useful both within and outside of the workplace!

YES! Leadership development programmes encourage growth in both the individual and the organisation. There is a range of benefits that come from a leadership development programme including increased employee engagement, becoming more innovative and creative, being inspired and motivated to develop key skills, improving equality workplace culture, and much more.

Our leadership programmes can be off the shelf or tailored specifically to you or your business team. This means pricing varies from the size of the team to the content you want in your programme. You can contact us for a quote today.

Many of our advocates and clients have loved our leadership programmes and our other career-focused training and workshops. This includes MKM Building Supplies, Forterra, Nottingham Trent University, EDGE and many more. You can see the full list of our advocates below.

At #YesSheCan we are passionate about supporting both women in developing their career skills and organisations and businesses in their diversity and inclusion journeys. We have helped many businesses already with their performance, team building and communication skills and empowering them to continue to make positive change. 

If you want to find out more, get a quote or have a friendly chat with us, contact us today!

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