Lydia Halliwell – My career as a Personal Trainer and Online Coach

My career as an online trainer is based 90% online with a full app as a way to communicate, videos of educational factors around weight loss and training, we have the nutritional side of things covered and then training programmed integrated too. 

I also do 3 clients (when the gyms are open) in a 1-1 basis – which is nutritional structures, educational seminars once per month and then training them to be better stronger people! 

A typical day for me (in lockdown) I wake up 05:30 am, Water, hydrate then see my little dog, I write in my journal, plan 3 main tasks then I train myself 07:00. I. then walk my pooch, come home and jump on the laptop and start my day. Contact 5 clients and respond to anyone that needs help. I then look further afield to see where I can get source more help to help my clients. Tea, dinner always. Then come nighttime, close off read some books (sometimes done In the AM too) Bed. 

The reasons I chose this career are because I care for strangers, deeply. I want to help the world become a better healthier place. I plan on doing it until I feel enough people know the rule of life to live by. 

I managed to get to where I am now, but I faced many challenges along the way. I’m dyslexic, have a stutter and a speech impediment. Played football at a high level, done my knee in and never played again. Self-belief was down in the dumps. 

‘I want to help the world become a better healthier place’

I overcame these setbacks by getting the help I needed but I’ll be honest, its only recently that I’ve taken the leap of faith and believed in myself more than ever. I feel a lot of people with dyslexia are just pushed to the back of the class or like myself become the class clown because they find everything so god damn hard. Teachers don’t want to help. So, it’s only been a recent thing myself, wanting to push and overcome those setback. 

An important initiative in my role is helping people and getting them to the position to love themselves and feel like a god damn badass lion.

The drive and determination to succeed comes from the fact I genuinely want to help people, I care for strangers – it could be a good thing or a bad thing. I want people to realise exercising is a good thing.

This isn’t to come across as a bad thing, because my parents are the best in the world. But to never have to worry about money like we did when we were growing up.

The best thing about being a female in my role is that there are not many good female coaches – so I like to think actually no, I will run the fitness world!

My biggest achievement in life is being where I am now.

The biggest lesson I have learnt along the way would be that no one cares and everyone’s only bothered when you fail. People will do anything to be better than where you are. 

I have felt that my gender had brought unnecessary challenges to my career massively. I worked in a gym (Which I cannot name) but it was SO bad. I watched females get treated like s**t. I got bullied by my boss because I was female, and he thought “female coaches are are s**t”. Although – he did believe in me and did give me a boost! 

Outside of work, my favourite hobbies are playing with my dog, seeing my family and walking with my partner.

‘I will run the fitness world!’

The mantra I live my life by is “here for a good time not a long time” and “be the lion” 

The three tips would you give to young females starting their careers would be:

1] DO IT, whatever you’re thinking …. Do it. 

2] You’re never too old. 

3] Girls are the best… Without us, Men would be nowhere! 

The best bit of advice that I have ever been given would be “just do it” 

One woman who has impacted my life would be my mother. 

My key motivators would be: Wanting to serve for my parents, I want them to stop working and me pay for them. I want my niece to grow up knowing that she can be whatever she wants. I want to give people a message that exercising is good 

I don’t think that businesses are doing enough to address gender imbalance BUT its getting better. 

Some strategies that could help women achieve a more prominent role in their careers boils down to the individual business. Some businesses run better with females running them, others hate on it. 

My advice for women aiming for leadership positions would be GO AND GET IT, BE THE LION!!!! 

One key leadership lesson I’ve learnt along the way would be to delegate. 

My advice to my 16-year-old self would be ‘just don’t worry, everything is going to be ok.’

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