More Action, Less Talk

This month, many businesses and organisations will be talking about and celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) and Women’s History Month.
In this #YesSheCan blog we’ll be talking about how we can still celebrate and talk about these important holidays in the workplace, but we need to use this time to take action on those challenges, biases and barriers that matter the most.
Less Talk, More Action and Change

When International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month are celebrated every March, the focus, particularly in the workplace, is on celebrating our achievements, appreciating the women in our business, and talking about what we’ve done throughout our careers or in certain projects.

However, we recognise women need much more than their achievements being acknowledged, holding one-off panels and words of support – we need action and change.

Without that action towards gender equality and equity, opening up the conversation on important conversations such as Menopause and other health issues, and changing workplace policies, we won’t see the shift that’s needed for women.

So, how can businesses take more action?

Actively Listen

 This means asking women in your workplace what they want to be improved, and what they feel is missing from your working environment, and listening to their concerns, barriers, and issues.

IWD and recognising women’s issues isn’t JUST about equal pay – it is deeper and more nuanced than that.

There are many issues which are seen as more important by women in the workplace such as policy change, focusing on intersectionality, creating a safe working environment and inclusive representation.

88% of women wish their workplace was better set up for the Menopause, 78% of womensaid they struggle with work / family life balance and 18% of women have been subjected to discriminatory behaviour in the workplace.

Giving space and time for those affected by these issues in the workplace, the more everyone will be able to understand and take action to resolve this. This takes us to…

Scheduling frequent discussions and creating workplace groups

 With active listening and giving a space for others to voice their issues is scheduling frequent discussions or panels. We tend to see many businesses and organisations set up panels only for IWD, but these need to be all year round.

This will improve the working environment and culture as it ensures everyone is being heard, loud and clear, and that their voice is not only recognised one time a year.

Many businesses may have this in place already but establishing workplace groups on a monthly or weekly basis is also a great initiative to gather information on your work culture.

This can be groups focused on specific causes or groups of people such as LGBT+, women in the workplace, PCOS awareness, mental health, or families at work.

This will help build community within the workplace and grow education on those often hidden issues or barriers underrepresented groups such as women face.

This type of action can motivate not only women to use their voice and benefit from this positive change, but for others in the workplace to understand, empathise and learn.

It then encourages conversation from workplace discussion to our personal lives and then talking about it within our wider society – it’s all positive action.

 D+I Training 

Diversity and Inclusion training is so important to maintain that positive workplace environment and to continue taking those actions all year round.

Much like opening up discussion, training and workshops for your teams can be a time where everyone can voice their opinion. If you do source your diversity and inclusion training externally, this can also give your employees the chance to be more open and honest.

40% of women leaders say their DEI work isn’t acknowledged at all in performance reviews – this is why training needs to be recognised fully, from the top down.

There are various topics and sessions that can be arranged for your teams, such as understanding Menopause, Leadership Programmes for women and talking about the career glass ceiling. You can even sign them up for networking events externally such as our very own Skills Development Day.

You can read more on the importance of diversity and inclusion here.

There is positive change happening…
  • 56% of male employees also said they need to be allies with women in the workplace
  • 82% of women agreed their workplace culture was open enough to report issues or discrimination.
  • Women in board roles at UK’s biggest listed firms are now above 40% for the first time
  • Some 150,000 firms were created by female entrepreneurs in 2022, more than twice the number of 2018.
We hope you enjoyed this #YesSheCan blog and found some useful advice on how you can switch up your inclusivity and policies and take more action in the workplace.
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