#YesSheCan In-depth: Negotiating Your Salary

We’ve discussed in many of our other blogs such as applying for jobs, that women statistically have a harder time doing great things in the workplace and in their careers. One of those is negotiating and discussing their salary.
In this blog, we discuss why women don’t statistically ask or negotiate their salaries, how they can take the steps to have that chat

Why Women Don’t Negotiate – The Statistics

  • Women feel uncomfortable and even impolite at the idea of discussing money in the workplace.
  • A recent study by Harvard Business School revealed that women who were assertive and felt empowered by making the decision to negotiate were less likely to worse deals or no deals at all.
  • Women are more likely to negotiate working hours than salary increases.

If you’re thinking about negotiating your salary…

…you can absolutely do it!

It should be seen as a great opportunity for you to make bold steps and progress your career. However, this is an important decision to make and you may have many reasons why you want to start this conversation with your leader.  

Here are a few things you should have in mind so you can be confidently prepared before having that conversation  –

1. Pick your moment wisely

This is important to set the scene and understand completely how you’re going to open that discussion with your leader. Start by choosing a date and setting up a meeting – that way you know how much time you have to prepare and what you need to say.

Another important aspect to be aware of is – is there any current pressures or busy schedules or projects in your workplace? This will give you some overview on how to plan the conversation, how invested the other party will be in your discussion and what information to lead with.

2. Back yourself up

This should be at the front of your mind during this discussion. This means looking at your career and writing down every project you’ve been involved with and how you contributed. It may be that you were instrumental when securing a new client or making a big sale – whatever your achievements, make sure to mention those. Evidencing your successful work will show your leader exactly why they should increase your salary.

3. Be prepared for “no”

Despite our efforts and work, you may still be told you can’t receive an increase salary. The first thing to remember is – don’t be disheartened. This doesn’t mean you can’t carry on this discussion in the future with your employer. However, you may feel that not securing that raise isn’t the best.

If this is the case, there is no harm in considering your options. If you don’t receive what you wanted, perhaps suggest training and development you could attend or bonus opportunities. Similarly, you may feel better looking for other opportunities at a new job. All of this is okay, no matter what you decide. This is down to your self-worth and what you feel comfortable accepting.

Regardless of the outcome – whether positive or negative – knowing that your work is worth a pay rise is a great sign for your career and personal development. This experience will allow you to gain communication skills from difficult conversations and the confidence to carry with you throughout your career.

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