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  • There are 15 million woman of menstrual age in the UK.
  • The average age for commencement of menstruation is 12.5 years.
  • On average a woman will menstruate until she is fifty years old, for an average total of 37.5 years. During which time she will menstruate around 500 times.
  • A woman will menstruate for an equivalent of 6.5 years of her life.

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What they don’t mention the fear of coming on our period on a plane, in a meeting, on a long train journey.

They don’t cover the anxiety about having a heavy period and the fear of leaking whilst sat at a desk or in a meeting room.

They don’t mention the debilitating pain many women suffer from during their menstrual cycle.

They don’t comment on us hiding our sanitary products in our bag or up our sleeve so that the rest of our co-workers don’t know it the time of the month.

Periods and menstruation is still a taboo subject, the fact of the matter is, most women will experience menstruation in their lifetime which is why #YesSheCan is proud to be teaming up with Grace and Green to help support women in the workplace during their periods.


Grace & Green is an entirely female-led independent UK business making organic, plastic-free, biodegradable, non-toxic period products. Founder and CEO, Frances Lucraft, started the company after having witnessed first-hand the catastrophic environmental impact these products have on our waterways around the globe after almost a decade of working in the water and sanitisation sector in developing countries. “Our brand shows a concerted effort to do things differently, to act more consciously, whether it be through using recycled packaging, sustainable ingredients, renewable energy or through our social impact work.” 

With the increasing popularity of the Grace & Green Workplace Initiative, we asked Frances why businesses should be making these products available in the workplace:

“Period products are just as essential as toilet roll, soap or coffee. Providing access to free hygiene products is a simple, proactive approach to making employees feel included and valued at work. The wonderful progressive companies we work with are sharing that they are seeing huge benefits in terms of employee satisfaction and talent retention” 


Support Inclusivity

60% of people are uncomfortable discussing their periods with colleagues or managers. Chances are, your employees would really appreciate free period products being made available to them but have never voiced this to you. Most employers provide bins for sanitary products, so why not the products themselves?


Increase Wellbeing

85% of people with periods have started their period unexpectedly at work, with 62% having no access to sanitary products at work if they run out. Access to free period products boosts morale and makes your employees feel respected and valued. It also saves embarrassing conversations, unexpected shopping trips, having to hide tampons in sleeves and unnecessary stress.


Contribute towards CSR Initiatives

In addition to providing organic and sustainable period products, Grace & Green also plant trees for each corporate subscription with over 2200 trees planted to date.

Sarah Milne, Partnerships Director added “Joining the Grace & Green Workplace Initiative isn’t just about giving your employees and guests free period products. It’s about being part of a movement towards inclusivity, equality and corporate social responsibility in the workplace”.

Given the high number of businesses continuing to work from home, or those permanently moving away from the traditional office environment, Grace & Green have also launched their “Work from Home” package which allows businesses to ensure that all their personnel can be considered.


For more information or to discuss how your company can join the Grace and Green Sustainable Business Club, contact Sarah at or use the code yesshecan on the website ( to try their products with a 30% discount or 16% off cups with the code yesshecancup

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