Q&A with Ally Whicher

Ally Whicher started her career in PR and as the world of print moved online, she decided to move with it! Now a mother of one and in a full-time management position at a digital advertising agency, she tells us how she is managing to balance her time.

What is your current role?

I am the Marketing and Communications Manager for Broadplace Advertising. In short, I am responsible for amplifying our profile as an agency.


What is your proudest achievement?

I always used to think that the most daunting thing about becoming a manager was the insane amount of work you must have to juggle…I was wrong! Actually, when I finally became a manager I realised that the hardest part was juggling egos! Reaching a level where my emotional intelligence was a key driver in my success was actually quite a big achievement for me. (Treating myself to a shiny blue Mini Cooper to celebrate my promotion was fun, too)!


How do you manage being a mum with having such a successful career?

I think everybody struggles with this. For me, if I can switch off from work when I’m around my daughter, that’s a big win! To keep the balance, rather than going on one or two long trips abroad, I book my annual leave sporadically – so that I can have a ‘mummy day’ here and there. We’ll do normal things like feeding the ducks, running around a soft play centre or catching up with antenatal friends…it’s good for the soul!


If I can be a positive role model for anyone wondering if they can go back to work full-time in their chosen sector after having a baby, then I will be delighted. My partner works a ‘7 on, 4 off’ shift pattern at Heathrow Airport so is often home for a fair proportion of the typical Monday-Friday working week and with retired parents on hand for additional support with childcare, we’ve made it work. When we do get time together as a family of three, sometimes it’s just a morning or part of an afternoon before tea and bed but we make it count!


“A diverse workplace is a creative one and you’ll open your company up to a whole world of new markets!”

What is the importance of diversity at work?

Employers must ensure that they encourage people from minority groups to take on career opportunities and the government quotas help organisations to realise that diversity drives engagement. Different backgrounds, experiences and opinions help organisations make better decisions. As a digital marketing agency with a positive company culture, Broadplace continues to attract employees from diverse backgrounds and we value their individual differences.


What advice would you give to young females starting their careers?

Get all the work experience you can! When you get the experience, even when you think ‘I am having an awful day’ think about how you’re solving a problem or learning something new. Remember that a lot of the challenges you face at work can prove useful case studies for future interviews…


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In the meantime, head over to Broadplace.com to find out more about the company Ally Whicher works for!

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