#YesSheCan Explains: Routine & Productivity

“Productivity is less about what you do with your time and more about how you run your mind” – Robin Sharma

What is a Routine?

By definition, it is a set of activities we perform frequently without much effort. The repetition of the tasks we do become almost automatic for us, so we do them without thinking, like brushing your teeth for example. It’s something we all do for 2 minutes every morning and night so we could probably do it with our eyes closed because we are so used to it!

The Con’s and Pro’s

Everyone as wondered to themselves about how they could be more productive or more motivated at work, and the answer is as simple as having a solid routine!

There’s a negative stigma that comes alongside a routine that most people find off putting. They can be considered ‘boring’, and they take time to establish and work effectively.

However, when done right, they have so many benefits such as…

  • allowing our brains to switch off and relax
  • conserving energy and creativity for when we need it.
  • After a while you’ll find yourself doing tasks without having to think about them and you’ll establish habits that don’t require any maintenance.

Tips for creating a routine

Get a journal:

Journaling is a great way to track habits, set goals and reflect on your day. It can help with mapping out each day, week or any timeframe you wish and can be a great tool when trying to establish a routine

Ask yourself what it is you want to get out of each day:

Writing down a list of activities, tasks and responsibilities can be a great way to get you thinking about what you want to achieve from a routine, and can help you chose what kind of routine will be most beneficial to you.

Draw a timeline:

This method is particularly helpful for those who are visual learners. Draw a timeline of a typical day and slot in the activities as hourly blocks on your timeline to see how they fit and flow and if it is realistic and achievable for you.

Don’t give up: 

On average, it takes up to 66 days for a habit to become automatic, so if you’re struggling to adjust to your new routine, try not to be put off. Perseverance and repetition are the key factors when establishing a new routine. It’s a change to your normal habits so it will be difficult to begin with, but soon enough you’ll start to see the benefits and you’ll be doing things automatically.

Start small:

It can be exciting the though of starting fresh, but it’s important not to overwhelm yourself with a million and one things to get done in a day if you’re not used to it. You want to stay motivated enough to want to keep up with the routine, so perhaps start off with a morning routine that you know is achievable and then slowly start to build other activities into it. You wouldn’t go into the gym for the first time and attempt to run a marathon on the treadmill with no training!

Routines can be fun, exciting and thoroughly satisfying, so why not try one out and see what good it can do for your own productivity! We’d love to hear about your experiences and whether or not you have a routine.

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