Brand awareness

how can you attract the best talent when people don't understand about your brand?

We use different imagery and creative messages to communicate effectively to the right audience.

Do you want to communicate with millions of career focused women in the UK?

Do you want a collective of women in the UK to engage with your brand?

Do you have a story you want to tell so women understand more about your organisation?

Do you want to open up your recruitment pipeline to even more women?

Brand Awareness is key when it comes to recruitment & retention – particularly in male dominated industries, such as construction, manufacturing and engineering. The path to Diversity & Inclusion is not as straight-forward as we need to showcase not just your brand but also the industry.

We support you with a communication & marketing plan so you can get your message out to a wider demographic and start to diversify your audience. 

Not only do we communicate with people external to your organisation we also support with internal communications. This could be featuring a Role Model, to creating animations to coming in and filming.

Everything we do is with Diversity & Inclusion in mind, supporting you to showcase your organisation and you values to assist you in recruiting and retaining the best talent out there!

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