Diversity consultation

We recognise that every organisation is at a different stage on their Diversity journey, we can help you every step of the way working alongside you, suggesting actions and strategic changes to support you in becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.


Assess your current state

Knowing where to start is key. We look at systems, structures and culture to build an appropriate, specific plan for you.


Facilitate focus groups

Listening is vitally important. We facilitate focus groups so you have an understanding of how your teams feel and what needs to be done to help you succeed on your diversity journey.


Education & Awareness

The only way we can change is to ensure our people are with us on the journey. That means we need to communicate what we are doing and why, with facts and clear rationale.


Quick Win Actions

There  are many things that can be done quickly and with impact. We work with you to identify there quick  wins to get you started quickly on your diversity journey


Strategic Changes

Executive level support and strategic focus drives long term change. Without it, true diversity and inclusion won’t be achieved. We write a strategy for you with key actions and deliverables within it.

We also support you with your communication plan as D&I can be a sensitive subject to talk about. We know the importance of ensuring everyone is aligned to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation and we work to ensure no one feels alienated during an organisations D&I journey.

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