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Our roadmap

We recognise that every organisation is at a different stage on their Diversity journey, we use our Diversity & Inclusion RoadMap as a base to support you and your organisation. 

Each step has distinct actions in order to ensure that D&I becomes engrained within your organisation and is a true change in culture instead of a “tick box” exercise.

#Yesshecan diversity & Inclusion roadmap


Assess your current state

What are your current demographics?

How do these demographics differ role to role & level to level?

What does your recruitment pool look like?

What area of Diversity do you need to focus on?

Carry out focus groups to understand how people feel.

How do we recruit, retain and empower?


Re-evaluate your company values

Your company values should be reflected in all you do.

Your company values matter.

Are you values appropriate to achieve your Diversity & Inclusion aims?

Are you ensuring all policies, processes, communications are aligned to your values?

If not, why not?


top down advocacy

Positive Leadership is key.

D&I transcends HR, it requires a whole business focus, a huge driver for change is showing Executive level commitment to it.

Be honest, open and available when it comes to D&I.

Communicate internally, externally and frequently to ensure D&I stays on the agenda,


education & awareness

We can’t expect to change our culture without investing time & energy into supporting our teams.

Education & awareness is important to help bring people on our journey.

The above needs to be done within a safe environment. People shouldn’t fear saying the wrong thing. We need to ensure that our teams can make a mistake, learn from it and move on.

Regular updates ensure that there is no question over our company’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.


implement change

There  are many things that can be done quickly and with impact. 

This may be changing how & where we recruit from.

It may be adopting a flexible working policy.

We need to use the data we have collected, the information from the focus groups to drive sustainable change in our policies and practices to ensure a truly diverse & inclusive work place.

D&I means treating people differently. It means accepting that everyone’s different lived experiences will affect us in some way, and we should be afforded the same opportunities as everyone else.


monitor & amend

Diversity & Inclusion is a journey. It is constantly evolving and therefore we must as well.

Don’t be afraid to change something. Don’t be afraid to say, “this hasn’t worked”.

We need to keep adapting.

This Roadmap is just the start – if you need any extra support then we are here to help!

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