Shaunie Leanne Ware – “everything happens for a reason”

I wanted to overcome my anxiety and learn to gain more confidence in myself


I started my business when I was 17, I qualified in February 2019. I suffer from anxiety and have dealt with depression. Mentally this was a lot for me to take in, but as a person, I wanted to overcome my anxiety and learn to gain more confidence in myself and also wanted to gain some independence. I also struggle to make conversations sometimes in my personal life, due to my anxiety… however, taking on this eyelash course has definitely allowed me to build friendships and to make conversations with people I have never met before! It also gave me a massive insight as to how hard you need to work in this type of industry. This was also a great opportunity to see the reality of the working life – even as an independent woman!


A day in my career can be very tiring. However, I still strive to give my clients what they want and I try my best as to perfect what their wishes are. I also am in full-time education currently at Reigate College studying Travel and Tourism as an extended diploma which is equivalent to two A levels and Business as a single/ subsidiary diploma. As well as this I also have two other jobs that I work at during my weekends. For example, I have a job at a Children’s Farm in Horton, my main role is to host children’s parties and a recruitment company called Carlton recruitment which allows me to work at the RAC Club in Epsom.


I chose the beauty/ eyelash industry because as a typical girl I have my beauty interests such as makeup and other treatments. I also saw this as a confidence-boosting opportunity to become a better and stronger me! I faced many challenges, but my biggest fight was my anxiety. I found it very nerve-racking trying to engage with my clients at first as you are inviting strangers into your home which can be uncomfortable for some. I also was starting to believe I wasn’t improving my skills in my business and found it hard to believe in myself. However, as for now, I have overcome this fear of engaging with my clients and I can even say I have made friends along the way and have improved massively.


My biggest achievement is picking myself up and striving for success


In my life, I have had a series of events where I have felt like I have hit rock bottom in some ways. However, realizing that I am a woman with potential has given me a reason to become this ambitious person. Sometimes you go through things in life that make you want to do better. My biggest achievement is picking myself up and striving for success after everything I have been through. Also starting a business at my young age I am going to say this is my biggest success.


The best advice I have ever been given is to forget that I have been giving the label of anxiety and depression. This was a life-changer to me… everyday I would overthink that I have the problems that I do mentally. However, if you overlook it everyone has at least one problem in their lives. You must always just tell yourself that you are no different than anyone else!


My one key motivator is that it improves my life. This has been such a good impact on my life and it has continued to do so. It has pushed me further than my comfort zone… but for the best. It was all about pushing past the barrier for me and just pushing that little further has benefited me most definitely in the long run.


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