Skills Development Day

5th DecemBER 2023


9am – 5pm

Our Workshops

We will be running 4 workshops throughout the event focused on career and personal development. 


Developing self-confidence is a life skill that can assist us having a growth mindset and building resilience. We’ll discuss what confidence is, what it looks like, and more importantly, the steps we need to take to build it.


TA is the practice of understanding our own behaviours and emotional state so we can communicate effectively with others. Part of this is also understanding the behaviour of stakeholders so we ensure we maximise the success of our communication.


We all want to make great decisions, however there are other things to consider when it comes to our choice. We’ll cover your appetite for risk and how bias can impact our decisions. We’ll also go through how we can communicate our decisions clearly and powerfully.


Using energy management techniques and meditation, we’ll walk you through a holistic process of managing your energy and emotions so you can tap into those of your teams and stakeholders to make you a more effective and connected leader

& our brilliant and inspiring keynote speaker TBA soon!

Previous workshops from our skills development days include:

Laying A Path For Others, previously led by Johanne Penny, a Positive DEI Disruptor, mentor and trainer.

Being Assertive & Building Emotional Intelligence previously led by Anjana Rajani, founder of Power2Progress

Identifying Your Strengths, previously led by Julie White, a Resilience Coach, specialising in mental health and wellbeing and has 20 years experience in HR & Training.

Breaking Life-Limiting Beliefs previously led by Kat Ashton, a Service Designer & Strategist as well as a Yoga, Reiki and EFT practitioner.

Visualisation, previously led by Danielle Thornton-Walker, a qualified personal development coach

Influencing, previously led by Sophie Turner, founder of #YesSheCan, Coach & Mentor and qualified Diversity & Inclusion specialist

Imposter Syndrome, previously led by Sophie Turner, founder of #YesSheCan, Coach & Mentor and qualified Diversity & Inclusion specialist

Positive Mindset, previously led by Grace Cowan and Lydia Halliwell, personal trainers and coaches.

Leveraging Your Network, previously led by Precious Zumbika-Lwanga MBA, entrepreneur and business strategist

Managing Feedback, previously led by Sophie Turner, founder of #YesSheCan, Coach & Mentor and qualified Diversity & Inclusion specialist

Resilience12 Steps To Wellness & Finding Your Tribe previously led by Gemma Margerison, Resilience and Recovery Coach.

Having Difficult Conversations, previously led by Nicola Richardson, The People Mentor

Goal Setting, previously led by Sophie Turner, founder of #YesSheCan, Coach & Mentor and qualified Diversity & Inclusion specialist

Personal Branding, previously led by Asha Daley, founder of Living Content and public speaker

Being Assertive, previously led by Nicola Richardson

Leading Authentically, previously led by Sophie Turner, founder of #YesSheCan, Coach & Mentor and qualified Diversity & Inclusion specialist

Previous Keynote Speakers Include:

Rebecca Louvre, Commercial Director of Birtley Group.

Hailey Laverty, Group Treasurer at IHG Hotels & Resorts.

Dawn Moore, Group People & Communications Director at Murphy Group.

Charlotte Goode, Regional Managing Director of Keepmoat Homes.

Gill McKinnon, Retired Mechanical Engineer

About the event

This event is aimed at anybody who wants to progress in their career- no matter your age, role, level or industry. 

What you get for your £330* ticket price:

– 4 Workshops led by expert women.

-Networking throughout the day.

-1 Keynote speaker Q&A

-Tea, coffee and lunch!

The day will be roughly 9-5 with networking interweaved with our Skills workshops. We will then end on a high with a keynote speaker Q&A.

*20% VAT incl.

We can raise an invoice for you if you email us at believe@yes-shecan.com or you can sign up right now by clicking above and we’ll send you a link!


We believe that feedback is the best barometer of a successful event, here we have a few comments from the amazing women who attended our previous Skills Day……

“Lots of practical skills I can apply to help with my personal & professional development”

“I love coming to Yes She Can development days, I meet like- minded people who want to strive to be better and progress in their own right and these development days really help me and others do that. I have met some great peers and mentors that I can look up to. Thank you for that!” – Emily Booth

“It was amazing to spend the day with a group of inspiring, positive women all supporting each other”

“The sessions were very engaging and valuable but the most powerful part of the day for me was sharing the experience with a group of people who made me feel comfortable and allowed me to share thoughts without judgement.

We heard each other and supported one another and this was very uplifting and inspiring – it was actually just what I needed!” – Georgina

“Thank you for providing a unique environment to learn from industry peers & inspiring leaders”

“Everybody should do one of these days/sessions once a year! :)” – Jules

Every session was inclusive, and every leader was confident and presented extremely well – I felt on the same level!”

“Very good day, really enjoyed it. I laughed and cried! Incredibly useful day.” – Beth

“Really interesting range of speakers plus ways to keep engaged. Didn’t find myself flagging and I’ve taken so much away that challenges my way of thinking.”  – Becki

“The event was great, inspiring, and has given me a new lease of life to go and work on my goals.”

“It opened my eyes to how as women, we are powerful!” – Danielle

“I have taken away (from the day) courage, not confidence – and it’s completely made everything make sense.”

“This was my first ever Yes She Can Skills Day and it certainly won’t be my last!

I came away feeling more confident in my abilities than ever and wouldn’t think twice about recommending it to others. Thank you again for such a great day!” – Georgia Buckley-Ryan

“All speakers provide you with amazing skills to use and it’s invaluable to share with others.”

“The day makes you think about yourself, which is something most people don’t do enough of. Therefore, if you want to put you first then this is the course for you.”

The best part was that all the trainers gave use tools to deal with challenging situations and allowed us to be flexible to best suit our nature and compliment our strengths.” – Laura Mills

Interested in our Skills Development Day but can’t make this date? We’ve got you covered!

we have more events tbc throughout this year and beyond!

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