On 24th November, we were proud to host another one of our popular #YesSheCan Skills Development Days at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nottingham!
So, what is the Skills Development Day about?
Our Skills Development Day is about increasing your confidence, developing your career skills and supporting you to achieve your goals!
The day is filled with four workshops with relevant topics and led by professional and experience women. We want to give you everything you need to take you to the next level in your career whether that be this year or in the next 10 years!
Can I come to the next one?
Of course! We welcome all women to join us, no matter what role, seniority, or sector – we’ve got you. Visit our events page for more information on our next event and sign up to our newsletter for news and updates.
Let’s get into the round-up!

Our Round-up

 Being Assertive with Anjana Rajani

Anjana Rajani, EMCC Accredited Coach & Director of Power2Progress led our Being Assertive workshop.
In this workshop, Anjana showed us Assertiveness is and isn’t, the difference between Assertive, Passive and Aggressive styles of communication, what can stop us from being more assertive.
It was evident that everyone left this workshop feeling more energized and enthusiastic to try things out and ultimately to have more win-win assertive conversations.
“I refuse to believe you can’t be both compassionate and strong” – Jacinda Arden

 Visualising with Danielle Thornton-Walker

Our next workshop was opened by Danielle, a Certified Life Coach.
In this workshop, Danielle helped us rediscover our strengths and passions, reframe our beliefs from negative to empowering.
We also experienced an emotional and powerful breath work where we visualised our goals that we want to achieve.
“If you can visualise it and imagine it, you CAN create it!”

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner, founder of #YesSheCan, NLP Coach, and qualified Diversity & Inclusion specialist, led our workshop on overcoming imposter syndrome.
This workshop gave our delegates the skills and confidence to face imposter syndrome head on and understand what they felt and the effect of it on their development.
Sophie explored important tools to overcome our imposter thoughts and how we can reframe and shift our mindset to a more positive and realistic one.
“One step at a time is all it takes to get you there” – Emily Dickinson

 Keynote Q&A with Rebecca Louvre

To end the day, we were joined by Rebecca Louvre, Commercial Director of Birtley Group, for our keynote Q&A.
We learned about Rebecca’s career journey, the setbacks she’s overcome and her proudest achievements.
She also talked about her passions and hobbies outside of her career and how important it is to have that balance.
Our delegates had a chance to chat with Rebecca and ask her all of their questions and learn about her journey to find the perfect cheeses!

Thank you to our wonderful speakers for creating an uplifting and empowering space and to our amazing delegates who always throw themselves into our workshops, network every minute of the day and more importantly support and motivate each other. We couldn’t do this without all of you!

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