#YesSheCan Explores: Slowing Down & Prioritising

This time of the year during Summer can get really busy for our careers and personal lives. With school holidays often being juggled with full-time work, it isn’t a surprise that it can feel like we’re going 100mph an hour.
Aside from juggling childcare and our careers, recent economic and political news hasn’t helped with many of us worrying about rising costs.
Understandably, you might feel like it’s difficult to keep going or that you have zero time to think about yourself.
That’s why in this #YesSheCan blog, we’re here to tell you it’s OK to stop, slow down and think about your needs. Actually, we’re encouraging you to do it right now! It can help us transform our mindset toward ourselves and invest more in what matters to us.
We’ll be exploring the four areas of your personal life and career where you can pick and choose what you want to prioritise at this moment. Ultimately, this will give you a bit more clarity and direction in this busier, perhaps harder, time of the year.


Let’s talk about the ‘m’ word – our money and budgeting. It might be something you’re super confident about or you may want to think more about.
This doesn’t mean you need to deep dive into your finances, but it’s important to look at your monthly budget and understand important bills and outgoings.
We already know that women’s pension wealth is 30% lower than men’s and the gender gap in our salaries influences our finances and decisions on how we spend it.
We would recommend looking at all of your current and past pension plans, so you know how much you’re saving. One of our Role Models, Samantha Gould, spoke more in an interview with us here.
As well as this, it’s always the perfect time to save. This might mean keeping a piggy bank at home for spare change or birthday money or setting up a savings account through a bank.
This doesn’t mean you can’t have money set aside to spend on whatever your heart desires every month – we definitely encourage that! It’s great to get that balance by understanding and figuring out that safe margin to do so.

Your Time & Schedule

If you lead a busy life, you probably have a jam-packed schedule making that happen. You might enjoy the business and the bustle and other times you wish you had a moment to breathe.
That’s why finetuning your schedule is so important. It will result in more time and space for other things you want to do! Here are some ways you can begin to break down and prioritise your time 
1. If you’re the primary caretaker in your home, reach out for help. Whether that’s from your partner and family or other ways, don’t do it all yourself.
2. If your schedule is full at the start of the week, don’t say yes to more work. Let your peers or manager know you have no space to accept new tasks or meetings.
3. Set boundaries for your schedule. Know when to say no for your own well-being or if you need to delegate, do it!
4. Keep an eye on your relationships. Are you spending time with people you care about?
5. Don’t work at the weekend – turn your laptop off, sign out of your emails and leave it be.

Check In With Your Goals

You might love keeping a goal list to keep track of where you are at or you might be confused about how it can help you. We are really passionate about goals and talking about knowing what you’re passionate about achieving.
If you do have goals, big or small, it’s good to check in with them. You might have written them years ago or at the start of the month, and things might have changed for you regardless of time.
Your goals don’t have to be a list as long as your arm, even one or two sentences on what you want to do and achieve is great to keep on hand.
Think about when checking in on them –
  • Are they still relevant for your career and current lifestyle?
  • Have you already achieved them? If so, celebrate and tick that off.
  • You might not be interested in them anymore, so this is a perfect time to evaluate and adjust to your new outlook.

You & Your Health

This is probably the most important area for you to prioritise. When we’re busy, we can lose sight of both our physical and mental health. We might even be feeling the effects of burnout or anxiety but are ignoring it to push through our work.
Neither is healthy and it can be a big detriment for you. If you don’t slow down and take a break because of any other areas on this blog, let this be the one that forces you to.
We know the famous quote “we can’t pour from an empty cup” and it’s true every time we hear it. Without a positive, productive, and healthy energy to work, we won’t be happy or enjoy our careers or interests.
Think about:
  • Have I got an outlet to talk or write down my thoughts and feelings and think through them?
  • Is there a relationship that’s affecting me negatively?
  • When was the last time I took time off work?
  • Am I doing the things I enjoy in my career and outside of work?
  • Is there a health issue I need to check with a doctor but haven’t?

"If you don't prioritise yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list." - Michelle Obama

Once you’ve looked at those, you might have a better idea of what YOU want to prioritise in your life. Without making those choices for ourselves, we won’t be happy or comfortable. So, take the time for yourself and slow down – you will thank yourself later!
If you want some more inspiration from other women’s stories, check out Jess Macintyre’s or Sinead Rose’s blogs or read another one of our educational blogs on knowing your worth.

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