Sue Benson – Why it’s great being a woman in Marketing

Managing Director of Behavioural Marketing Company Sue Benson talks about why it’s great being a woman in marketing and what skills were vital to her success.


After discovering marketing at university and falling in love with it Sue is now responsible for the strategic direction of the business, culture, client relationships and delivering commercial goals.


“I decided to go agency side rather than client side as agencies had a better variety of work and paid a bit more! I’m bored very easily and need shiny new work things to keep me excited!” Sue’s day starts at 6.00am and normally includes clearing her inbox and making checks to ensure plans are in place to deliver on what is required. “I’m usually in the office around 9.30 where I can have back to back meetings about a range of things including client proposals, building a creative idea, reviewing our own marketing activity, looking at our wellbeing strategy and reviewing our commercial position.”


“My proudest achievements include winning Investors In People Gold, repositioning the agency to become a behavioural marketing business and winning a Nike Project! I’m also proud of the fact that I am able to find a work/life balance, I always keep Fridays clear to go to a Pilates Class and work from home, it helps to clear my head and focus on the week to come.”


“The main skills I believe have helped get me to where I am include being incredibly passionate about whatever it is that I am doing, being resilient as every single day there will be a challenge, and of course flexibility is key as you need to be able to adapt and change quickly. You will need to have discipline and consistency and always ‘do what you say you are going to do’. And finally, emotional intelligence is key to success as you will need to be able to listen and respond to people.”


#YESHECAN is incredibly important to Sue as she believes that female inequality is somewhat self-inflicted by females themselves. As females, we need to break that belief system, for any young females wanting to start their careers you need to just ‘Go for it’ states Sue, you have equal rights and in many ways are even better equipped with the emotional intelligence to succeed especially in marketing you can use your compassion, empathy and intuition without question.


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