The Importance Of A Positive Mindset

We’ve previously delved into the basics of our mindset, what it means and how we form our own. In this #YesSheCan blog, we talk about the benefits of a positive mindset and how we can cultivate our own.

What is a positive mindset?

In a nutshell, a positive mindset is an attitude and thought process which focuses on the good rather than less positive things. Ultimately, you may have more positive expectations and believe that things are more likely to turn out good.

The benefits of a positive mindset

A positive mindset makes you more resilient and persistent which means you’re more likely to stick with something if you believe it will lead to good in your life.

In this day and age, we can often be surrounded by negativity which comes from all directions – the news, television, and other people. So, all this negativity can make it hard to be positive naturally.

Therefore, it’s important to acquire your own positive mindset which will help you feel better and happier about your life. This can look and feel differently depending on what you want out of your mindset, but the goal is always the same – to feel better in yourself.

“One, I have to realize that I’m not in control of everything, but I am in control of some things, and I am in control of my reactions.” – Janelle Monae

How to cultivate a positive mindset

So now you know the benefits of a positive mindset, you might be thinking – ‘how do I create my own?!” There are a couple of ways that can help you cultivate your own positive mindset…


The first step to acquiring a positive mindset is to accept that the view you have of your life and the world is in the end, a choice. If you aren’t currently viewing it positively, or at least in a more than negative way, then it’s good to think about optimism and your current outlook.

This is all about knowing the importance of keeping an open mind and reflecting on your current perception of your career, personal life, or relationships. After reflection and recognising your own expectations, how you view yourself or the way you live, you can accept and start to rebuild your own mindset.

Making a list

Lists are a great and quick-fire way to write down your thoughts and ideas. So, when reflecting on our own mindset, start by making a list.

These can be things you have experienced that show that there is good in your life and the world. This can be a peer you can always go to at work to have a chat with, a task or project that makes you feel productive and fulfilled within your career or something you do at home that is just for you.

This will help you see the positives you may have overlooked and recognise that once you have a positive outlook on life, you will feel better about the world and your mindset. With this step, it is important to realise and accept that feeling happy with your life and the world is up to you and that you are in control.

Protect your mind

Your mind needs to be guarded from negativity, so be careful what you let seep through. This doesn’t mean that negativity is all bad, for example, constructive feedback or mistakes can be great learning opportunities. However, when we have many negative aspects, people or processes in our lives or careers, it can really affect our overall mindset.

Our minds are powerful and amazing, and we can pick up just about anything and store it. So, it is important to keep your mind as realistically positive as you can and manage your expectations. We are human, so we can’t be overflowing with positivity all the time, but we can work towards seeing the positive in many aspects of our lives.

The rule of thumb is to not let things like the news, social media or people’s negativity get to you and keep your mind guarded. It is completely fine and healthy to unfollow people on social media, avoid the news for a day or to pause communication with someone who you’re not having the best time with.

Create a positive environment

Surround yourself with people that make you feel good and who are kind and supportive. This will help you stay positive as you will be surrounded by people who are uplifting and will help you.

With this, you also need to distance yourself from people who are negative and for example, make you feel drained after you speak to them. This is important as the negativity that you take in has a significant impact on you and will make it harder for you to stay positive.

As we mentioned before, this doesn’t mean everything that is less than positive is bad – realistically, we can’t have all good days and even all bad days. It’s all about creating that balance that supports your own mindset.

Negative self-talk

The way that you talk to yourself is crucial to the way you think. It’s important to feed yourself with positivity and affirmations and not speak negatively about yourself, your circumstances, or others.

Being negative will make you think the same way which can even lead to not so positive outcomes. So, prioritise speaking positively about yourself and others!


Creating a balance is key in every aspect of our lives – without a balance, we can feel overwhelmed and without much of a direction. This is important because it ensures that you’re giving yourself enough time to reflect and understand everything in your life, your family, career, hobbies, health, etc.

Try to make your life as balanced as possible by setting aside time and space to listen to yourself – physically and mentally. If you let one part of your life fall off your priority list, it can have a negative impact on you.

Self-care and looking after our mental health is something we’ve talked about before on our blog and it’s a great starting point to grow and invent your own balance to stay positive, happy and healthy.


Practising gratitude is a must.

As humans, we get lost in the negatives and forget how much positivity we really have in life. So, it is important for your mind that you are thankful. To practice gratitude, you could list 3 things every morning that you are grateful for as this will give you a thankful start to the day.

If you utilise these principles, you will see many benefits such as increased longevity, resilience, reduced risk of depression, and much more.

Overall, being positive is essential to self-growth, it opens your mind and helps you see life in a much brighter light. So, ditch the negativity and embrace positivity and see your life change!
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