X3P Pronouns Project

X3P is The WOW Network’s Preferred Pronouns Project!

We believe that everyone should state their preferred pronoun on their email signature, to show that they are LGBTQI friendly, to stop gender assumptions beong made, and to open up the conversation about preferred pronouns.

What are Preferred Pronouns?

A Preferred Pronoun is stating what pronoun you prefer to be called by others. This can either be they, she or he, so for example, ‘my name is Jo and I prefer they pronouns’ or ‘I’m called Kat am I prefer she/her pronouns’. It really is as simple as that!

How Can I Join In?

To join in, please state your pronon after your email singnature like this –
Bobbi Young I use gender-neutral pronouns
XX Company
XX Address
Then add the X3P banner to help spread the message – you can save it by clicking the download button below and add it to your current email signature. 
If you want to learn more about the X3P Pronouns Project, follow the Facebook page or watch the video from founder, Lisa Charlwood-Green, below.

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