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Reading & Beyond

Reading & Beyond

Getting little ones hooked on books! Book swaps, craft boxes and more to encourage children to embrace reading!

Butterfly Bliss

Luxury natural skincare. Candice Lee created Butterfly Bliss to find a natural solution to her son’s severe dry skin, she decided to come up with some natural products to help him.  Butterfly Bliss has evolved to now showcase a wide range of natural beauty products.

Grace & Green

Grace & Green have created an ethical range of tampons, pads and liners in a variety of absorbencies. Made with 100% organic cotton and crafted using an innovative plastic-free and biodegradable design.

Mockingbird SPirit

Alcohol free, tequila inspired spirit.

For a margarita without the hangover, Mockingbird Spirit is the place to go!


Dolly is a tattoo artist based in Brighton. With a 90’s influence and a feminist ideal she has some great products! 


Counselling that is affordable and impactful.


EKA came about when Founder, Gilly,  wanted something practical, stylish and cosy to keep her ears warm in the snow hen snowboarding. Unable to find anything that met the bill and after having family and friends become jealous of her stylish knits, EKA was born.


#YesSheCan has a fantastic group of coaches to support you at any point in your career, both looking at work and home (if that’s what you want!).

We’ll offer a reduced rate for those self-paying (not funded through an organisation).


Mumtaz and Yasmin work extremely hard to bring together people from very different walks of life, emphasising community cohesion. They offer a wealth of combined knowledge and experience which they hope will enhance and empower you on your yoga journey both on and off the mat.

her spirit

Her Spirit aims to encourage women to be fitter, stronger and healthier. 

They believe Mind, Body & Fuel are all linked so provide an app as well as face to face support to help all women become the best version of themselves.

skanking swede

Homemade, colourful and unique jewellery.




Created for non-drinking guests at a party, using bold and interesting flavours, PPinger was created: a drink that combines fiery, fresh ginger with apple, lime and elderflower.


Created by a chef who’s always felt more at home in his own kitchen, hand-crafted, fermented chilli sauces made in small batches: plant based and minus junk.



great british outdoor fires

Created by a mother and daughter team passionate about sharing their love of artisan food, Afia’s Samosa Shop’s award-winning range also includes moreish handmade Indian subcontinent traditional pakora, flatbreads (roti and paratha), curries and chutneys


Made from 100% natural materials, WaxWrap is plastic-free. Organic cotton cloth is coated in a mixture of natural beeswax, antimicrobial pine resin and antibacterial jojoba oil, giving it pliability and allowing food to ‘breathe’ the way nature intended,  keeping it fresher for longer.


Outstanding dishes are frozen to maximise flavour and taste, as well as to lock in freshness and optimise the nutritional value, guaranteeing a gastronomic treat that surpasses all other ‘direct to home’ prepared food delivery services.


Ruth Moloney is an Irish artist specialising in oil paintings of seascapes and bathers among other themes. Her vibrant colour palette and unique loose style reflects the movement and beauty of her subjects while each piece tells its own story


coming soon…






coming soon…

nbs electrics

NBS Electrics sell UVC hygiene products, some which sterilise, others disinfect by passing air via UVC purification.

Their mission is to provide you with confidence in cleanliness and to do so without the use of chemicals.

The Food marketing experts

The Food Marketing Experts have offered up a coaching discount if you need support with marketing & sales goals!



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