Women In Manufacturing

#YesSheCan is based in Nottingham offering diversity and inclusion training, brand awareness consultancy and coaching to businesses across the UK.

Women make up only 12% of the manufacturing and engineering careers in the UK.

This low figure can be down to lack of representation and the industry largely being ‘male-focused’. Aspiring women can’t see themselves in the industry and young girls are not told about the great opportunities in manufacturing. 

The Statistics

  • Less than 18% of girls are studying higher apprentices in engineering and manufacturing.
  • Only 13% of women compared to 86% of men have senior roles in manufacturing i.e., director and manager.
  • The UK has the lowest percentage of women working as engineers in manufacturing in Europe.
  • 51% of women say they are treated unfairly in the industry due to their gender.
  • Less than 10% of young women found manufacturing to be an attractive career path for them to choose.

Case Studies

#YesSheCan has supported a number of British & European based manufacturing organisations in their drive for Diversity.

From collaborations of quarterly Masterclasses designed to empower and upskill to increasing awareness of job opportunities, #YesSheCan has supported from an external awareness perspective as well as an internal training and development focus.

Be Part Of Change

At #YesSheCan, we are optimistic this can change. However, change can only happen when leaders from the top make a visible and long-lasting shift internally. This can include transforming recruitment processes, breaking down stereotypes and gender bias and engaging women at every level of the industry.
We support women across all careers especially those in male-dominated industries by offering a collection of stories from inspirational women on our blog and events.
We have successfully aided several businesses with our Diversity and Inclusion workshops. You can learn more about our D&I roadmap and how we can give that extra support for your business and employees.

#YesSheCan has a number of Services your business can access to help you to be more Diverse and Inclusive.

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