Yes She Can In-Depth: Transgender

Definition of Transgender
Denoting or relating to a person who sense of personal identity and gender
does not correspond with their birth sex. 


The Sad Truth…

At #YesSheCan, we’re all about equality, diversity and empowerment. Unfortunately, many businesses do not share this same mindset. 

A recent report from TotalJobs found that ‘65% of trans people hide their gender status or history at work’ with ‘33% hav(ing) experienced discrimination in job interviews and applications’.



Discrimination can include: 
– Bullying

– Physical abuse

– Threats

– Insults

– Social exclusion

– Told to use separate toilets to the gender they now identify as. 

– Deadnaming 
  (using the birth or other former name of a transgender or non-binary person without their consent)



So, what are my rights if I identify as transgender in my workplace?

According to hr-24, transgender and transexual people are protected by two pieces of legislation:

The Equality Act 2010 states you must not be discriminated against because you are transgender / transsexual. This protection applies to people proposing to undergo, are undergoing, or have undergone a process to reassign their sex by changing their physiological or other attributes of their gender.

The Gender Recognition Act 2004 allows transgender people / transsexuals to obtain a Gender Recognition certificate to legally change their gender.



So what can I as a business owner / colleague do to help?

You need to put different practices in place to ensure that all your employees feel accepted within their work environment. 

Our top four tips are…

1) Educate yourself

  • There is no shame in admitting to a lack of knowledge. Legislation and terminology is evolving so we need to keep up to date with the latest advice in order to support our transgender colleagues. There are a number of websites that provide some great educational resources (listed below)

2) Be empathetic

  • Try and look at it from someone else’s viewpoint and put yourself in their shoes. Look beyond gender and to the person. How would you feel if you were discriminated against? Support that person however you can as no-one deserves to face discrimination.

3) Provide training

  • Often the issue of discrimination can simply stem from ignorance around the subject. 
  • Make sure that each colleague (including yourself, if you’re the business owner) is given awareness training.
  • This will include how to be a transgender ally and ways in which you can help those that identify as transgender to feel comfortable and welcome in the workplace.

4) Arrange mental health support within the workplace

  • Transitioning can often be a difficult process both for the individual transitioning and for those around them such as family, friends and colleagues.
  • If you have a mental health support team or person within the workplace then this can be hugely beneficial in helping someone transitioning or even their colleagues who may have questions and seek guidance. 

Where can I get help if I feel I am being discriminated against at work? 

If you’re not already signed up to a union then we would advise that you do because they can be a really big help to you.

According to Unison, the UK’s largest union, if you are being harassed or otherwise discriminated against because you are transgender, or because someone thinks you are, you must take action and follow the steps below:

1) Begin by keeping a record of incidents

2) Talk to your representative

3) Speak to the person who is discriminating against you or ask someone else to talk to them

4) Raise an informal grievance using your employer’s grievance procedure OR raise a formal grievance – the complaint could be taken to an employment tribunal.


                                                                                      Trans rights are human rights. 
                                   Everyone has the right to live freely, happily and without the fear of discrimination.

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