Values and aims

#YesSheCan was founded to inspire change through engaging women in their careers and empowering them to overcome their barriers. We pride ourselves on the values we stand and lead by when following our mission.


Our purpose is to support women to not just break but smash the glass ceiling that is limiting their careers. Everything we do is driven by this very purpose. From every coaching session that we deliver to every blog post we write; this purpose is the heart and soul of it. We want to give women the tools to change their outlook and gain the skills to SMASH THAT CEILING!


We pride ourselves on our integrity. Integrity builds trust, relationships and supports culture change which is why it is so important to us as a team. We believe in doing the right things for every woman who is seeking support in her career and being honest with businesses throughout their D&I journey.


Passion is at the heart of #YesSheCan. As a team, we understand the importance and need to break down the barriers for women in their careers right now and in the future. Our team are highly motivated and committed to break down all outdated stereotypes and bias whilst also highlighting the stories of many inspiring and successful women.

Collaboration and unity

Our community is a key part of the work we do. We want to provide a platform where like-minded women and anyone else can connect and feel represented in different sectors and industries. We aim to lift each other up in both our careers and personal lives and we welcome everyone into our community - regardless of gender.


It’s a battle for women in the world of work, so we endeavour to stay strong in the face of adversity for anyone that we support. We show strength by being bold with our blogs, as we tackle topics that can be taboo, overlooked or ignored We connect with each and every one within our community who want to find ways to develop and learn more about their careers and support them in any situation.

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